Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Strange Apparition

On Sunday, I stayed in Nampula city before Adam flew home for the holidays.  Upon returning home, I had a strange conversation with Inocencio who had stayed in my house Sunday night.  Below, I have translated the text message conversation.  What do you think?

Me: I just got home.

a few hours later…

InocĂȘncio: I am sorry for the delayed response, I was sleeping from 3pm until 7pm because at night I did not sleep because I became frightened.

Me: What happened?  Was there a problem?

20 minutes later (meanwhile, I’m running through all the scenarios of what might have happened.  Attempted break in? Successful break in? Am I safe here tonight alone? So Mozambican to say that with absolutely no further explanation!)

Inocencio: Yes because when I arrived there I encountered a white girl sitting in a chair close to the door of your house but the door was not closed.  Then I saw her eyes brighten.  I became frightened and then she disappeared.  I was afraid until 2am.

Definitely not the response I was expecting and it raised many questions. 

Me:  The door wasn’t closed?  A white girl? What time did this happen?

Inocencio: At 7pm.  The door was closed.  When I informed an older woman she said it was a ghost.  I will come tomorrow to explain better.

So then I was left to continue trying to figure out what might have happened and, as you might expect, I didn’t sleep well.

So today, Inocencio came over to explain better.  He repeated the story about how he opened to gate to my yard and then turned the corner and saw a little girl sitting in a chair next to my door.  But then he turned on his light and she had disappeared.  He did not think it was a ghost because he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he had no other explanation for this apparition.  Do I have a Casper at my house?  (**cue Twilight Zone music**)

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